Once or twice a year, I create something I call a Mega List.

This list replaces my New Year’s Resolution list and is much more malleable than resolution lists seem to be.

The Mega List has Three Categories:  Feel, Do, and Goals

This is how the categories break down:

Feel – How do I want to feel?

Do – What do I want to do (not need to do)?

Goals – What are my big To Dos that require some mapping out and planning?

The feel category is pretty new.

Sometime last year, I read The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.  In that book, she talked about how she had a yearly tradition of picking out words to represent the coming year.  Words that best described how she wanted to feel going forward.

I thought this was just genius!  So, I added the Feel category.

At first glance, it may seem like Do and Goals are the same, but they are very different.

Do is a list of all of the things!  This is basically a brain dump of actions.

Goals are bigger projects that can fit into a three month to one year timeline.  I break down the goals into smaller steps to make them achievable.

*At the beginning of this blog, I said I do this once or twice a year.  During a great year, I make this list three or four times, because I have run through my goals or I have just changed my mind about a part of the list.


I brainstormed a while on this one.  I like to keep my key words down to three.  Last year, I had seven for a while, and I found myself working harder to memorize them than to achieve them.

After a few pages of lists of words in colored pencil and Sharpie, I landed on Grand, Successful, and Whole.

*More on how I chose these words and what they mean to me in another post.


As a collector of activities and hobbies, the Do list is a long one.  I had to exercise some personal discipline when finalizing this part of the list, because I feel like I need to list every single thing I like to do which is just silly.  If I love to do something, I will do it.

This section is more about what I intend to do more often in 2016.

I landed here:

  • Hike
  • Camp
  • Run
  • Travel
  • Write

*More on how I arrived at these few things to come.


Each year, write a books gets listed in the goals section.  In 2015, I did write a book, and then I took it off the digital shelves.

It was a how-to book on meditation, and I feel I could have done better.

So, again on the list of goals it goes…with a little  modification:

  1. Write a book — if the spirit moves you
  2. Run at least twice a week
  3. Read 50 books

*More on these goals, how I treat the goals list, and such in another post coming soon.

There it is.

A simple and hopeful look at 2016.








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