I am only a few days from beginning.


Two years ago (I think), I took a job that was not supposed to last two years.  I took a job, because I had taken a year off from “real work” to teach yoga and write full-time.  When money got tight, a friend recommended I work with her fixing computers. So, I did.


The small company that hired me was immediately bought out by a bigger company, and basically, it sucked the fun out the job.  


I have the luxury of leaving this job for a number of reasons, but the one that is keeping me from throwing up from fear is that I have multiple sources of income.  I never stopped teaching, and I have never stopped writing.  Money got tight before, but the money didn’t disappear.  


As I have worked at the day job, I have put myself out there to write blogs, articles, and have started writing books (none published yet, but this is the year).  I have also been teaching my regular classes and have gained some private clients and scheduled more classes to begin soon.


Basically, I am doing okay.  Not rich.  I can pay my bills.


This time will be different.


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