On Monday, May 1, I will begin my production calendar.

I have made a list of writing projects that is currently 34 items long.  The projects include fiction, scifi, non-fiction, YA fantasy, and children’s books.

Choosing one item to work on was hard.  Very hard.  But I have chosen to write book one of a series that I have planned.

I will release more information about this book and all of the others on my projects as I work.

I have chosen a book for which I do not have the “great American novel” aspiration.  I did this for a couple of reasons.

1) I want to finish this book in a timely fashion.

I have two books that I have been working on for five years.  Yes.  Five whole freaking years.  Many of my friends reading this know which two stories I am talking about and are embarrassed on my behalf for taking this long.

The truth is that I am aiming at literature for these books.  Great American Novel aspirations.  Big time.

After I get a good catalogue of books under my belt, I will most like spend six whole months focused purely on a crappy first draft of one of these stewing stories.  Then, I will spend another six months making it ready for the reading world.

2) I want this first book to be less important to me personally.

This certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the story I’ve chosen.  I care about it a lot, but in a different way.

The story that I’ve chosen to tell is entertaining.  Purely.  There are psychics, murder, and cops galore!  Definitely, genre fiction.  This makes this project a bit more fun and lot less work.

Basically, it is like this:  When I am writing this project, I am not worried about Hemingway’s ghost laughing hysterically at me around the Great Dead Writers Water Cooler.

For more measurable writing information such as wordcount, marketing, publishing, tools, and things such as that, you might want to follownotnowimwriting on Twitter and follow theNotNowImWriting blog.

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