I had a moment yesterday…

According to the media, it seems the candidates have only two ways to appeal to women: through their children and their bodies. What if you don’t have children? What if you love your body? How about appealing to me as an entrepreneur? As a citizen concerned with economic growth over the next few years? How about you stop pandering to my heart and see what happens when you appeal to my brain?

I turned on CNN for less than one minute! One minute! And, someone congratulated the Hilary campaign for appealing to women by asking them to think about their children’s future(s)! As if mothers need to be reminded, and father need not be. Fear mongering is apparently the only way the news and politicians know how to talk to us. Rape, rape, rape, abortion, abortion, abortion, thigh gap, big butt, big boobs, have kids, don’t have kids, which freakin’ bathroom is the right one…what the hell is happening?!

I love our country. I do. I love journalism. I do. The world is not all bad. The country is not all bad. I won’t feel the rage I felt earlier all day, because I am grown up and can choose to not listen to the crap. I can seek out the facts just like all the other adults and make an educated decision. But I really want to trust the news. I want the news to be there for me and not there against me and my people. By my people, I mean human beings.

A few things I want to clear up:

When I say “according to the media”, I am talking about big media, and, yes, most media (all of those commas are appropriate).

I believe there are some citizen journalist that have taken more care in reporting election coverage than some of the big boys and girls in media.  Though, I do not know who…

Please post your favorite political blogs and author sites that post FACTS in the comments.  

Also, I have a moment in the text above starting with “rape, rape, rape” and so on.  Rape is a crime.  Abortion is not.  Thigh gap, big butt, and big boobs can be attained by surgeries which are not controversial at all, but abortion is the bad guy even when the baby was conceived during a violent crime.  Hum.

Man, the bathroom thing…Are we separating people of color from white people again?  It clearly was not a good idea the first time.  Segregating gay, queer, and/or transgender people is an equally bad idea.

You know, we current have our first (of what I am sure will be many) highly qualified, black president.  Do think that is because black people were treated poorly (to put it lightly) for years and years thus making them inclined to work harder for their children’s education and character?  Do you think that is why our country has seen great black men and women rise up time and time again molding this country into something bigger and better than bitterness, racism, and themselves?

Maybe we should have transgender bathrooms to ensure that we someday have highly qualified, transgender political voices.


I ranted again.  And the purpose of this was to put an intelligent voice on my rant…not to continue it.

This is the great human blessing and flaw:  passion.  To be passionate about a thing moves a person to do two things:  tear down and build up.

Tearing down one campaign also tears you down.  Building up a campaign builds you up.

It is easy to get behind rants and pep rallies.  It is easy to make the other party (Not political in this case.  I simply mean group.) look stupid when you believe you are on the side of the angels.

But, you know what, someone over there believes that they are on the side of the angels.

We need cool, intelligent minds when talking about these topics.  We need to talk to each other.  Each. Other.

The other is not those who agree with you.  The other is the Trump supporter two tables down or the Hilary supporter a couple of seats over.  That’s right.

You cannot rant to each other and get things done.  You cannot just wait for your turn to speak.  You need to listen.  You need to talk without trying to change each other’s minds, but to instead understand each other’s minds.

You cannot blame the media for making you feel small.  There is a lot of media.  You are a grown up.  You can dig deeper.  You can have better conversations than what is on the news.

Yes, I am talking to myself, but I am also talking to my friends, family, and neighbors.  Go.  Listen.  Talk.  Be bigger.




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