For those of your who are new here, a brief explanation of the Mega List:

The Mega List is an ongoing list of things I want to do. By do I mean, actually do or learn or try or experience or feel. This list is not a once a year thing. I visit this list often throughout the year, because I am constantly checking things off of the list.

Yes, it gets done.

Everything on the list is meant to make me feel the way I wish to feel in my life. Example – If I want to feel productive in my life, that means I must produce something. So, writing “write books” on my Mega List isn’t enough. I have to write the specific book I want to write, and then write it. Then, I mark it off the list which makes me feel like a productive superhero.

The Mega List is so stupid simple. I used to make it complicated. I had categories and color coding which is fun and nice, but at the end of the day, I was just making a pretty list. Making a pretty list, having a planner and writing stuff in it is not the same as doing. More doing. Less thinking about doing.

Mega List 2019

I keep my Mega List in a notebook, and I move the list over when I need to change notebooks or whatever. I also keep a digital copy of it, but I find the paper and pen work best for me.

My list is long and has projects that I’m not ready to share yet, but I will share a few things on my list here (these are in no particular order):

Play an instrument daily for 20 minutes – I play guitar, ukulele, and a little piano (which is funny, because piano is the only instrument for which I had lessons). This year (2018), I may have played ukulele for about six or seven hours total. I’d like to bring the music back into my life. 20 minutes a day seems reasonable.

Martial Arts Training – Years ago, I took jiu jitsu. I think I was pretty good. I’m low to the ground, so my balance is great and my ground fighting was/is alright. I would like to get back into it, because 1) I loved it, and 2) I’m writing a series that involves some fight scenes, and I’d like to work with a professional on the weapons fighting in the story.

Scuba – I’m a little afraid of water. This might come as a surprise since I kayak a lot, but I’m not a fan of swimming or going under water. I thought I’d meet this fear head on and make friends with my fear.

Self-Portraits – This one is a little nutty. Your life changes a lot from 20 to 30. I’m 36 as I write this, and my circle of friends has completely changed. Not for any bad reason.

Everyone is living their lives. Sometimes, that means the Universe pulls you apart so everyone get the most out of their own lives which is wonderful. In my 20s and early 30s, I was surrounded by artists of all kinds. My life was caught on camera a lot. I had a historical records of all of the cool stuff I’d done with my friends or that my friends had done. I don’t have that anymore, so I am going to witness myself a bit more by taking self-portraits daily in 2019. I’m not talking selfies. I’m talking portraiture. Once upon a time, I was a photographer, so I’m brushing off those skills for the joy and the record.

Like I said, there are many things on the Mega List, but these I think will be the most challenging for me. Playing an instrument and taking self-portraits will be daily exercises unless illness stops me. Scuba training is something that will take a couple of weeks and some cash. Martial arts is something I can start at home using my own knowledge and some old books until I budget the classroom time and funds.

What About Books?

Book writing and publication are of course on my list. I have dates, titles, and marketing plans all worked out for two books. Books are coming. July of 2019 is going to be momentous for me as a writer, because I will be publishing under two pen names in two very different genres. More on pen names later, but in brief – Pen names are fun and liberating. I will tell folks they are pen names, so no lies. Just fun with pen names.

What About Exercise?

My exercise, health and wellness life is solid. I’m never miss two days of exercise in a row unless I feel sick. I eat what I want when I want, so I don’t track my calories or anything. Also, I’m the cook in the house, so it is literally up to me what we have for our meals. Makes the don’t-eat-like-a-jerk-all-the-time rule easy to follow.

What About Travel?

I do have two trips in mind for next year, but it is very possible they’ll have to wait until 2020 which is totally fine.

What About…?

Everything else? Like I said the list is long. Throughout 2019 as I tick things off of the list, I think I’ll share them here. I might skip a few for personal reasons, but I’m happy to share successes and failures with you, my three readers.

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