A Brief Bio

I was just perusing John Scalzi’s blog, and I read a section in the About section of his site called “A Brief Biography of John Scalzi”. Click here to read it.

I am following his lead in this post.

(By this, of course, I mean that I liked it and decided to copy it.)

Hi, there. I’m Barbara Burgess. I tend to include too much in bios and about sections of social media profiles, web pages and author’s notes. In this post, I aim to keep it short and simple.

All of the following is accurate of July 27, 2018.

Born: February 5, 1982. On this day, the number one song on the charts was Centerfold. Yep. Enjoy that one.

Lived in: Everywhere between North Carolina and Nevada as my house is on wheels.

Education: Regretfully dropped out of college. Happily acquired many health and wellness certifications.

Employment: Yoga instructor and writer.

Personal: In a committed relationship. One step person. Big dog.

Bibliography: Articles here. Children’s books here. Sci fi, fantasy, sweet romance, lesbian and straight rom com are all scheduled into my writing calendar. Aren’t you lucky?

Other: Fernando Learns About Asking appeared multiple times on the CMT show Nashville.

Published by

B.A. Burgess

Barbara Burgess is a writer which is made apparent by the text in this box and the box above. She is best known for being a multi-genre/multi-writing voice author who throws caution to the wind when describing her writing career - "Oh, I write children's books, holiday romance, and sci-fi. Why? What do you do? Just one thing?" In addition to being a writer of all the things, she is the founder of Pilgrim Fowl Press and a writing facilitator bringing permission to write to the masses via Skillshare and Udemy. The only social media she frequents is Instagram (@hellothisisbarbara). Her desert island movie is Stargate (the original with James Spader), and she has been taking daily mug shots of her morning coffee since before Instagram was even a thing.

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