Blog Prompt: What advice do you want to store away for your older self?

Amendment: This one makes no sense to me. I’m skipping it.

Blog Prompt: Pros and cons of ( insert anything )

Amendment: Replacing ‘insert anything’ for ‘living in an RV full-time’

I’ve lived in an RV for a while now, and I have a few opinions on this style of living.


Most of my opinions are positive.

The small space is lovely! I grew up in a small-ish home, and all of my apartments and houses since leaving home were on the small side. So, before you ask, no. I do not feel crowded.

Even when everyone is home (partner, step-person, dog), I don’t feel crowded. This is partly to do with lack of clutter in the house.

That’s another positive – Less stuff. We have everything we need plus everything we want that can fit into our small space. Living in a small space has saved lots of money in that respect. We never buy anything without asking ourselves where we’d store it.

Another perk is not having to pack when you want to travel. I know that sounds weird, but imagine this: you’re leaving for a two drive across the country, and all you have to do is hook up your house to the truck. No packing list. No “How did I forget to pack underwear” moments. And, and, and! You don’t have to kennel your dog! She can come with you!



My complaints are few, but I do have one that comes up often – cost.

While purchasing an RV is cheaper than buying a traditional home and has all the luxury of a modern apartment, renting places to park it can get expensive. Again, it isn’t as expensive as renting a studio apartment in downtown Nashville, but it is the same expensive as a crappy apartment in the surrounding area of Nashville.

Bonus Advice Section: If you are thinking of getting an RV, find a place to park it first. Even if you intend to travel full-time, find a friend or family member who is willing to put a post in their backyard for your home. They’ll charge you way less than an RV park. Also, having a basecamp is quite luxurious after a cross-country trip or extended say in an RV park.

I genuinely love living in an RV. The thought of living in tradition house again doesn’t appeal to me anymore. There will come a time when we get a small or tiny house in addition to our RV, but I’m very happy with solely living the RV life right now.

Side note: The picture at the top is a stock photo. We live in a 36-foot travel trailer which is the kind you pull behind a very powerful truck.

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