Blog Prompt: How to _____

Amendment: Replacing the blank with ‘drive an electric car’

Driving an electric car is not like driving a regular car. Driving an electric car is like driving a golf cart. If you are familiar with driving a golf cart, you should drive a golf cart first.

I’m qualified to give this advice because I do not own a golf cart but I own an electric car. I drove the electric car having never driven a golf cart. I learned things quickly.

When you drive an electric car, leaving your foot on the gas is imperative to forward motion. Unlike in a gas powered car, when you let off the gas in electric car, your car will come to an almost immediate stop.

Also when driving an electric car, you are responsible for making sure the pedestrians are out of your way before driving forward in the crowded parking lot. While this is somewhat true when you are driving a gas powered car, all of the responsibility falls on you when you’re an electric car. No one can hear you coming.

To not startle pedestrians in the way of your silent vehicle, you must avoid the horn and instead roll down your window and say, “Excuse me. I know you can’t hear my car, but it’s running. I need to get through. Do you mind moving out of the way?”

Note to reader and potential electric car driver: They will most likely want to lean in the open window and take a look inside of your car because it is practically a spaceship. Do not be alarmed by this. 

If you are afraid for your life, do not roll the window all the way down in the first place. Safety first.

One of the most delightful parts of driving an electric car is going to the gas station. That’s right. The gas station.

Some electric cars have a small reserve gas tank for emergencies. My electric vehicle has a gas tank that holds three whole gallons. Purchasing gas has never been more inexpensive and unnecessary. It is as I stated before: delightful.

Another bonus to driving electric is parking electric. There are special parking spaces in most metropolitan areas that allow people with electric cars to have the best seat in the house. Even if you don’t need to charge your car, you can park there.

Though, I do not encourage parking in the parking spaces unless you’re charging. Don’t be a jerk. Someone else might need to charge.

When driving an electric car, the world seems a little more peaceful. Your car is silent. Police officers smile and wave while small children stop and marvel at the future which you are driving. Grown men weep.

Get an electric car, and drive it like the space-aged golf cart it is. You deserve it.

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