June Things: 2019 Edition

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

Things I’ve Gone (+ Done)

Honestly, I’ve gone and done nothing but day jobs this month.

Things I’ve Seen

See above.

Things I’ve Read

I have been known to read a financial book or two. This one was interesting. It was a how-to book dressed as a fiction book. It’s a quick read, and I highly recommend this as a graduation gift (high school or college). Click the image to read the Goodreads summary.

Things I’ve Watched

There were two democratic debates this month, and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Elizabeth Warren killed it, Bernie was perfectly Bernie, and Kamala Harris was very presidential.

On lighter TV watching, I watched every episode of Awake on Netflix, and I can’t recommend this show enough. It looks stupid. No joke, but it is hilarious! The host makes the show. I laugh so much watching it. If you need to watch something that will make you giggle, this is it.

Things I’ve Loved

I have loved every moment I could cram in a few extra hours of sleep.

Other Things

I really let this month get away from me. I didn’t do anything to advance my freelance work (fitness/wellness) or my publishing company (writing/teaching). This month happened to me more than I participated in it. I do not want to repeat this.

I will have more to report in my July Things post, because I simply cannot have another June.

Here’s my sweet dog-o in her bath-o.

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