I’m running my novelette through Grammarly and am having some humans put their eyes on the ARC (advanced reader copy), but it is done.

I feel relieved and sad all at once.

There is a thing happens after each book or story that is going to be released into the wild. I call it completion funk.

Completion funk is the feeling of loss you get after you finish a project. It is also a feeling of not-good-enoughness and why-botherness.

The logical side of your brain will say, “Hey, buddy! You’ve done a great job! This is wonderful! Now, enjoy yourself, and then pick a new project!”

The other side of you that is more heart than head will say, “No one noticed you finished. No balloons. No party. No one will ever know how hard this was for you, and it isn’t even your best work.”

The fact is that it is awesome that you finished a thing, and no one will ever know how hard it was for you no matter how well the finished product turns out. This is the nature of creating.

It is a rollercoaster of emotion, but at the end of the day, you will be a finisher of things. That feels good no matter the completion funk.

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