Hello, there, social media.

I have not been posting on social media as often as usual. No, I am not going on a social media cleanse. I just haven’t had the time or desire which is saying something seeing as I typically only use one social media platform: Instagram.

I woke up earlier than usual this morning, so after walking River and meditating, I posted three photos in a row. It might be a comeback.

Women have to go to the doctor way more than men.

I had a medical procedure recently. It was purely routine and for testing. No big deal, but I am a bit more sensitive to things like that. So, I have been out of commission for the most part. No running or yoga.

I tried lifting some weights on Saturday like a fool! I spent the rest of my Saturday and Sunday not doing much of anything. I was able to get some mini workouts in yesterday with my coworkers. I have every intention of at least trying to run a mile today.

I can finish anything in 30-minute increments.

I finished the edits of my novelette in 30-minute sessions. Sometimes, I could get two in before work, but mostly, I did a single session after my morning routine was taken care of.

A note here: When I talk about a morning routine, I mean chores. Legit chores. Feed and walk my precious River monster, make coffee, help step-person wake and get ready for school, make lunch for step-person, make lunch for me, make sure partner is awake and rolling out of here, etc. I am not talking about a morning mask, lighting candles and doing gentle stretching surrounded by crystals in my perfectly clean home. Somedays, I wish I were, but, alas, I am N O T!

I would pour a cup of coffee, open Scrivener, set a timer, and go!

I bring this up because that is how I am working on all of my projects until I can get back to working for myself full-time.

I had to redo all of the previously made content for my new class.

Since the launch of the novelette, I have been working on a course that I have been promising my writing students all year – How to Write a Personal Essay.

I had made some excellent progress. I had recorded seven or eight class segments of the course when I realized I was teaching a blogging class…not an essay class.

Not all blogs are personal essay style, and not all personal essays are for blogs. So, I scrapped it. Yep. Scrapped it.

I have since adjusted my presentation materials and have rerecorded everything. I am a few videos away from finishing. The course should be out very soon.

I have a lot more writing to do.

I have plans to release a soft sci-fi in July 2020. The first draft is complete, but I am not very happy with it. I need to work on it some more before I start digging into the editing process.

I have three more holiday novelette in store for my pen name.

Also in 2020, I will be doing a short story challenge that I will talk more about as soon as I iron out the details.

end of post

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