Well, the adventure is over. FullTimeTony and The Planet Playground adventure is over.

What is this Planet Playground you speak of, Barbara?

Well, I’m so glad you asked, Tim! FullTimeTony and The Planet Playground is an epic tale of adventure, aliens, and parenthood that you must read immediately. NOW. DO IT NOW. Click this.

But, Barbara…Why are you crying?

Well, Tim, two reasons:

1) It’s over. I know there is more coming, but still… Weepy face.

2) Tony wrote a very nice Thank You post that made me have all the feels.

Cool, cool…Why you are…writing like this?

Well, I just woke up. I have had but one sip of coffee, and am not yet fully in my body imaginary Tim that I now realize is a paper mache dinosaur that lives on my dining room table.

Real Talk – My friend Tony did a brave thing. He had an idea, he executed that idea, and he did the unimaginable: He shared it with the world. But didn’t just do a brave thing, he did a great job. It’s funny, heartwarming, and entertaining through and through.

And, and, and! He says there will be mooooooore! I’m so excited!

You can start reading this novella using this link: https://fulltimetony.wordpress.com/2019/07/13/fulltimetony-and-the-planet-playground-introduction-and-chapter-one/

As you can tell from the URL, this links you right to the beginning. Happy Reading.

Tony, we (me & Tim the Dinosaur) love you!

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