I am a sucker for all articles with those three phrases in them.

3 Steps

Three steps? You mean, I can learn to speak French in only three steps? Okay, writer person, show me what you got!

Then, I read the article just to find out the three steps are to download an app or system, practice daily, and immerse myself in the culture.

These are legit steps, but for every one of these three steps, there is a sequence of other steps.

The first step will require money most likely, so a plan for saving is in order, download time, creating a profile, taking an assessment (most likely), etc.

Practice daily means I have to find the recommended amount of time in my calendar. This will take some trial and error. It could be months before I nail it.

Immersing myself in French culture would take even more steps. I would have to start small with borrowing French books and movies from the library, reading French magazines and listening to French podcasts, and the list goes on.

None of this is too much to ask of a person who wants to learn something new or achieve something, but I always feel let down that there aren’t really three simple steps.

It’s a good headline though. 3 Steps to ____ will always work as a headline.


I might be happy with my life, but I always want to know how to make it better. Take me up to 11, article!

So, I read articles and books about life-changing habits. As ever, I enter with excitement, hope, and a little skepticism to find the article is about bullet journaling, exercising, drinking water, sleeping the appropriate amount of time, and meditating…all things I already do.

Again, I feel like my life is great, but I feel like I’m doing the minimum to keep myself sane. I read every Life-Changing article hoping to find something I missed that has nothing to do with crystals, oils, or colon cleansing.

(For the record — I like crystals, because they are pretty. I like oils, because they smell good. I have never had a colon cleanse. End of statement.)


Articles about how Joey Baby made his first six-figures in only two months selling one product are guaranteed to have me as a reader.

I’m a smart woman, but I hope against hope that I am going to stumble upon the one article that outlines in plain English and the proper amount of detail how to actually make six-figures quickly.

My pursuit of this does not keep me from working a day job, part-time job, and writing books, but I am always hopeful that I will find something in these articles to boost my business or create a new stream of income that will bring in enough money to allow someone in the house to quit one of their jobs.

When I find that article, by the way, you better believe it will be the only thing I write about for at least a year!

What Was The Point Of This Post

To show you that copywriters aren’t wrong. The cheesy headline and half-full promises work.

Also, you can be a logical and pragmatic person, and still be lured in by these headlines. It just proves that you’re a person interested in bettering yourself efficiently, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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