Captain’s Log – Day 11 in the recliner

Turns out reclining is not the best way to get any good thinking done. Reclining is for television watching, convalescing, and playing video games.

I have a novel to edit and various projects to plan, but I can do none of that in a recliner. Between coughing, bathroom trips, and napping, I’ve gotten nothing done.

I have played Sims 4 like it is going out of style, watched all The Witcher, viewed Two Popes, and watched the last UFC.

Not productive. Not productive at all.

I’m sick. I know I’m not supposed to be productive, but I am getting better. Being a little bit better makes me think about how I will be returning to the day job and part-time job again soon.

I wish I could split into two when I’m sick allowing one part of me to be in the recliner watching Gargoyles reruns and taking three medications at once, and another part of me to be going to work, cleaning the house, and carrying on with my novel edits.

Alas, I am but one. One coughing mess of a woman taking three medications, watching TV, playing Sims 4, and trying to figure out what she actually has the energy to do versus what she wants to do.

Being sick is hard. Let’s never get sick again.

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