My Inconsistent Newsletter

I have a modest number of subscribers to this blog (Thank you for being here as a reader and/or a subscriber – Happy to have You). From time to time, I send a newsletter, but that is as scheduled as it gets.

Because this is a personal log, I figured people were joining to get the blog posts emailed to them directly, but my posting like my newsletter is inconsistent.

Some days, like today, I will post several times. Who wants to get several emails in one day from a blog? I mean, they are from a person. They are from me, but to most readers, the newsletter is coming from a blog.

So, I have decided to make a change. I am now going to email subscribers once a month. Specifically, on the first Tuesday of every month.

What will be in this email?

Inside will be a tiny update from me (350 words max.) and links to all of the blog posts from the previous month. I will also include links to my courses and books at the bottom, so you can easily ignore them or click them to get more information.

Why am I doing this now?

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about the function and purpose of a newsletter. I have been unsubscribing to a lot of them lately, because I don’t have time to read them all.

The newsletters that I’ve remained subscribed to have been helpful to me in a couple of ways: they compile a list of things that have happened on the site that I may have missed, and they tell me about new releases and/or sales.

I think combining these two things into one email would be a good practice for most of these places, so I am going to try it out here.

Let’s see how it goes!

Published by

B.A. Burgess

Barbara Burgess is a writer which is made apparent by the text in this box and the box above. She is best known for being a multi-genre/multi-writing voice author who throws caution to the wind when describing her writing career - "Oh, I write children's books, holiday romance, and sci-fi. Why? What do you do? Just one thing?" In addition to being a writer of all the things, she is the founder of Pilgrim Fowl Press and a writing facilitator bringing permission to write to the masses via Skillshare and Udemy. The only social media she frequents is Instagram (@hellothisisbarbara). Her desert island movie is Stargate (the original with James Spader), and she has been taking daily mug shots of her morning coffee since before Instagram was even a thing.

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