I like to watch the debates in full before I listen to podcasts or read recaps, because while I am happy to read the opinions of others, I’d like to develop my own first.

What follows is my personal ramblings I typed while listening to/watching the debate that aired last night.

Did you watch the democratic debate last night?

I’m watching it now, and I have no idea what the hell I’m watching.

I’m not sure the live studio audience is a great idea. Maybe, we should have closed debates. The audience oohing and awing, clapping and laughing as the candidates land zingers on one another while entertaining is not helpful.

While the candidates were pretty well behaved, they spoke over their time, spoke over one another, and made cheeky comments at the expense of one another. How does that help us choose who is going to represent us? I mean, that might be exactly what we need here in Idiocracy land.

Also, are the debate still for us to learn more about the candidates or is it a place for the people “moderating” them to appear smarter than the people on stage?

I’m angry about this.

Let me be clear – this, politics and debates, are not my area of expertise. I want to make informed decisions when I vote. I still feel like voting is my duty despite understanding how our election system is fundamentally broken and needs to be updated.

I’m only in the middle of the debate as I type this, but I don’t feel like this has helped me at all so far.

I am going to stop watching it and pick it back up later, because right now, I’m just stressed out.

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