Just a heads up, dear readers – I am doing a little experiment with my blog.

If you visit hellothisisbarbara.com at the time that I type this, you will be taken to my Wix blog. At the time that I write this, this website/blog is at hellothisisbarbara.wordpress.com.

So, what the heck am I doing?

Well, I’m poker when it comes to blogs and websites. I just have to mess around with them.

I love my Wix site. I really do. And, as far as site builders go, Wix is the best in my opinion if you are too lazy to build your site from scratch or with WordPress.

As for blogging, WordPress has got it going on. Easy sharing of posts. It’s always clean.

So, I’m going to coexist for the time being. I’m going to keep my Wix site and my WordPress blog.

I’m seeing which one serves my readers and my needs the best. I imagine this will take a while.

In case you’ve noticed the missing pictures…

I imported all of my blog posts from Wix, and there was a glitch with the import of photos and videos inside of blog posts. That is why you’ll notice missing photos from my previous blogs.

I’m less concerned with this at the moment as I am in experiment mode, but I do aim to update the old posts little by little over time.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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