A Tale of Four Hoodies

How many hoodies is too many? Before I downsized my life, I had upwards of ten hoodies which might not seem like a lot to some of you, but is too many when you are living small and trying to create a uniform.

Currently, I own four hoodies: one pullover hoodie for exercise and pajamas, one zip-up hoodie for exercise and pajamas, one zip-up hoodie for warmth, and one pullover hoodie for warmth and general wear.

The Pullover Hoodie for Exercise and Pajamas aka the Get Your Sweats On Hoodie

This picture was taken by with the FIMO camera app on Android

This is my favorite of all my hoodies, because the fabric is moisture-wicking and a little rough which means it doesn’t pill at all.

The Zip-Up hoodie for Exercise and Pajamas aka Grand Canyon Hoodie

(Currently not pictured, because it’s being washed. Just being honest.)

This hoodie has the added benefit of being sentimental. It was purchased when I took a road trip from Nashville to Nevada. It was the first time I saw the Grand Canyon.

The Zip-Up Hoodie for Warmth aka the Southern Festival of Books Hoodie

(Same as the Grand Canyon Hoodie. In the wash. Will add a picture later.)

This hoodie also has sentimental value as well as functionality. It was purchased the first time my mother attended the Southern Festival of Books with me.

The Pullover Hoodie for Warmth and General Wear aka the Day Without A Woman Hoodie

This picture was taken by me with the FIMO camera app on Android

I missed the first Women’s March. I was scared to leave my house, so I did my part at home sending postcards and letters to my representatives.

Shortly after, the Day Without A Woman nationwide-walkout/stay-in happened. Women all over the world were staying home to protest the wage gap between men and women.

Having always worked either for myself or for industries where this isn’t an issue, I purchased this hoodie and participated by donating my time to some of the women who were at home.

These hoodies have a commonality: They have sentimental value and functionality while fitting into my color palette. Despite this, they don’t exactly match, are heavy on the graphics side and some are ill-fitting.

The Day Without a Woman hoodie and the Get Your Sweats on hoodie fit perfectly. They are the right length in the trunk and arms. They are roomie without making me look ten pounds heavier.

The zip-up hoodies are not great fitting. The arms and chest of the Southern Festival of Books hoodie are snug. If it were a pullover and could be worn as a solo piece, it would work. The Grand Canyon hoodie has a similar issue. The bottom and chest areas are tight.

I found that when I airdry these, they fit much better. To be honest, I get lazy or just forget to do this most of the time.

While I love all of these hoodies and would hate to let any of them go, I am certain that eventually, I will have to replace them.

Until then, I am researching ethic brands and less graphic-heavy hoodies and am leaning toward having only one zip-up hoodie in the future as I tend to prefer the pullover style.

This post originally appeared on The Simple Wardrobe.

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