March this year has included self-isolation, a 5k, books written by friends, and less than adequate edits of my own books.


Being at home with zero social obligations has been at once delightful and maddening. It has afforded me the opportunity to take some classes, learn some music and get a little fitter.


Yesterday, I ran a 5k out of nowhere. I felt like I could. I said to myself aloud that I could, and then, boom. I did it. It was amazing.

My attempt to recreate my 5k this evening did not go as planned at all. Turns out running with dinner freshly spread about the bottom floor of your stomach is not a great idea.

Books Written By Friends

I was able to read my friend Annette’s new book this month which was great fun and you should all read it – Click here. My friend Tony released his book to the world this month as well. Both of these events plus all of the other things that Annette and Tony do make them superheroes. End of statement.

Less Than Adequate Edits of My Books

I have done a less than heroic amount of edits on my scifi book and my print copy of A Christmas Rideshare, but that’s okay. I had a couple of off days, because the well of work had run dry. When this happens, it is typically because I’m not farting around enough or exercising enough. I’ve taken care of this. Don’t worry.

How is April Looking?

Well, April is looking pretty chipper aside from the confusion and uncertainty that’s going on in the world. But I cannot fix or control the world. No, no. I must do what I can for myself.

The plan is to finish the edits on the scifi book, make a better cover for said book, finalize the paper back of the A Christmas Rideshare, and run at least two 5ks.

Let’s see what happens.

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