Can I blog for 30 Days without missing a post?

I have no idea, but I know if I am going to do this I need some guidelines. Without guidelines, I will most likely start posting pictures of River daily by day three.

To Pinterest!

(5 minutes later)

Okay. Forget Pinterest. Too much information there and too many challenges that involve prompts. Let us make our own rules, yes? Yes!


  1. Must blog daily between the hours of 4:30a and 11p, because I am an early riser but have been known to stay up late to meet a deadline.
  2. No offering a writing prompt as a blog post. Example of what not to do – Write about an army of chicken nuggets battling fish sticks. Winner takes kitchen! Go!
  3. No prewritten stuff from months or years ago.
  4. No photos only. If you’ve got nothing and want to post a picture, great! Put a paragraph under that mess.

Okay. I think that’s all. I’m sure I’ll add and amend the rules as I go, but for now, I’m into it.

This counts as my first post.

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