I missed my blog post yesterday, and I missed my run this morning. As penance, I will write using the Writing Challenge app to experiment with free writing publicly.

Prompts used are as follows:

  • begins with the sentence He never lost hope.
  • add a character who is too curious
  • add a character who was famous when she was young.

He never lost hope. He knew that if applied himself he could do it. He could change the tire.

“You need a hand, mister?” A young woman’s voice came from approximately five feet and some inches above him.

“No, I’m fine. I’m applying myself.”

“Looks like you’re trying to change a tire.”

“Not trying. Doing.” I banged a long metal object against some other metal part of my car.

“You might want to get out from under there.”

“Yeah? Why’s that?”

“Well, there’s nothing under there that has to do with changing a tire, your hazards aren’t on, and did you know you have to engage your parking break when you change a tire?”

I considered the anonymous voice, and determined she was perfectly logical. I squirmed out from under the car and dusted myself off.

“Thanks, -“

“Madaline. You can call me Maddie.”

She offered me her hand, but I was too occupied to reach out and shake it.

“You look familiar. Do we know each other?”

She put her hands on her hips, took a deep breath and just pushed me aside to take a look at the tire.

“Set the break, would ya?”

“Oh, right. Yes. Done.”

“Now that is secure, we need to remove the nuts. Sometimes, you have to jump up and down on the cross wrench.” She stood on the edge of the steel arm and bounced a little.

“I’m sure we know each other. Do I look familiar to you? I’m David. Dowty. Ring any bells?”

“No, David Dowty.” The nut came free, and she went to work on the next.

“Sarah, is it?”

“Still Madaline, David Dowty. But, yeah. You might know me as Sarah.”

“From Space Walkers 5000?” The catch in my throat was audible.

“Your ship appears to be malfunctioning. Lucky for you, I’m the fleets top mechanic.” She looked exactly the same only she was wearing cut off jeans and a tank instead of her space mechanics jumpsuit.

And, that, dear friends, is where I’m going to end this little writing in public experiment as I am so very, very sleepy.

Until tomorrow, friends.

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