a.k.a. A Really Long Title Basically Telling You That Once Again This Is A Personal Blog About My Experiences and Thoughts, But This Time I’m Going To Be Talking Specifically About Instagram

I do a lot of research on marketing and social media, because I want my books to do well. In order for them to do well, I need to know how to reach people that want to read those books.

I’m not ashamed to say that I have used ads in the past to let readers know my books exist. Hell, I use ads now to tell writers about my courses. It just works.

Learning about social media marketing is supposed to mitigate the cost of those ads. “You need an author platform,” you hear ‘them’ say.

‘Them’ who may or may not have ever written books. ‘Them’ who have written in only one genre, and it was non-fiction.

I’m not angry at ‘them’. I’m a bit jealous of ‘them’. They know what works for them. I’m still trying to figure out a process.

Writing in multiple genres is fun. I have many author voices that I use. I am NOT, N – O – T, going to create an author platform for each. Not a chance.

So, what do I do? How do I showcase all of books in one place using various author voices without confusing the social media? Why, start a small press, of course!

Never let it be said that I do things the simplest way, but I do often do things the most efficient way. And, the most efficient way to market my books (and my author friends’ books) was to create a small press. Pilgrim Fowl Press.


Let’s talk about it – Instagram. I have several Instagram accounts. For the purposes of this post, we’ll look at two: @hellothisisbarbara and @pilgrimfowlpress.

@hellothisisbarbara is my personal Instagram. It is this blog, but visual. I do list myself as an author in the bio section, so everyone who visits knows I am a writer and writing facilitator.

This also tells my audience that, yes, I know writing is awesome and interesting, but the content of me doing the writing and thinking of the stories is not exactly riveting. So, I share pictures of my dog, my workouts sometimes, and other little things. I share reviews of my courses and books, behind-the-scenes things, and even political posts.

On Pilgrim Fowl Press, it’s all books and writing.

Granted it is a bit of a mess right now, but I’m cleaning it up. This is my promise to you, internet.

Let’s see if I can use all of the information from ‘them’ to make Pilgrim Fowl Press and its Instagram feed successful. I feel an experiment coming on…

More details to come as soon as I figure out what those details are.

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