You Can’t Out Think The Work

No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape the work. I’ve read hundreds of books on the craft of writing, I’ve taken around 20 writing classes. I’ve made an investment in time and money to learn how to do the thing I love better and faster.

I continue to take classes, read books, read blogs, subscribe to newsletters, and believe every writing guru on YouTube that says they have found a way to make outlining and therefore writing easier.

At the end of the receipt, the session, the book, the lecture, the true remains the same: No matter the execution, the work must get done.

Published by

B.A. Burgess

Barbara Burgess is a writer which is made apparent by the text in this box and the box above. She is best known for being a multi-genre/multi-writing voice author who throws caution to the wind when describing her writing career - "Oh, I write children's books, holiday romance, and sci-fi. Why? What do you do? Just one thing?" In addition to being a writer of all the things, she is the founder of Pilgrim Fowl Press and a writing facilitator bringing permission to write to the masses via Skillshare and Udemy. The only social media she frequents is Instagram (@hellothisisbarbara). Her desert island movie is Stargate (the original with James Spader), and she has been taking daily mug shots of her morning coffee since before Instagram was even a thing.

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