A few years back, I took a writing class with a journalist in Nashville named Gloria Ballard.  Most of the students, including me, brought notebooks and pens.  I believe only two students brought a laptop on which to compose. 

I remember her being genuinely shocked by this.  While she said she was encouraged by us all to start writing with pen and paper again, I was beside myself with envy.  I knew I could get a lot more writing done if I could exercise some self-control and write directly to the screen.

After that class, I started building up my “compose on computer” muscles.  At first, I had to turn off the WIFI and uninstall my video games (I’m a child).  Now, I do discovery writing on paper and write for publication on the computer.

If you are curious about discovery writing and just writing in general, please visit notnowimwriting.com where I talk all about the craft and business of writing. 

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