It’s starting to feel more summer than spring. Midday naps are looking more inviting, and it is getting harder to get out of bed in the morning.

In fact, this morning, I slept in. It felt like the beginning of summer break. I feel unfocused. The sun is beating down on everything. Getting into the pool even seems like it would take too much effort.

(Putting on a swimsuit is hard sometimes. They’re tight.)

I’ve not had a summer off since high school. I had a few months a few years ago wherein I wasn’t trying to build a business or finish any books by a deadline. That was the most summer-like feeling I had experienced since I was teenager.

I slept in for a couple of weeks, I feel into video games and television pretty hard for a week or so, then I became restless.

Because I know I will start feel restless after a few days of laziness, I’m going to gently push through the call to recline and balance the final edits of How to Write a Children’s Book with playing The Sims 4. I may even gift myself a nap.

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