I just sent a text to my mom letting her know that Instagram wasn’t broken. We are all digitally protesting with the Black Lives Matter movement.

I thought it was a funny text to send, but, until around 8a, I had no idea there was a digital protest scheduled for today.

When not under lockdown, I enjoy a peaceful protest. I like groups of people getting together to support each other and a cause. I like the visual reminder that government and institutions that provide public services are meant to serve the needs of the public.

We are beholden to laws laid out by the government based on the needs of the people. Without these protests, we are in danger of forgetting the government is meant to work with and for us.

They, those working in government, are also people. These laws and regulations are meant to protect them in addition to the rest of us. All of us.

Protests, be they digital, paper, or traditional, can serve to move a cause forward, shine a light on neglected masses, and illustrate our desire to work together toward a common understanding and a system that is as fair as humans can make it.

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