In times like these, it’s a little hard to stick to a writing schedule, blog calendar and marketing plan.

I’ve been offline for the most part. Typically, I spend every waking moment planning a new book, course, marketing series, and so on. Lately, I’ve been sleeping, crying, and stewing for hours on end.

I plan to get it back this week. Get my schedule back. My writing and marketing mojo…

I keep thinking, though, that it’s insensitive to do that. I feel like I’m in mourning and have decided to go back to work before anyone else thinks I should.

Being busy helps me get through things, but do I have to be busy publicly? The short answer is yes. Yes, because my business is almost entirely online.

The longer answer is – Getting back to business as usual is not an option. Rather, it’s an option, but it isn’t going to yield the same results as before. It isn’t going to leave me feeling like a business owner who’s got a plan and is making stuff happen.

I know that, because thinking about doing business as usual makes me feel exhausted and like my time would be better spent marching. But, the family has to eat.

Suddenly, doing my typical at-home activism doesn’t seem like enough. Postcards. Petitions. Protest art.

Then, I think to myself – You’re a writer. Writing is your protest. Write truth to power. And, I consider it.

…This blog post represents the full breadth of my emotional bandwidth.

I’ve been an activist for years. My activism historically has been around LGBTQ issues, women’s issues, and, mostly, period/menstruation awareness and issues.

In the past, I’ve marched for a cleaner Nashville, participated in the women’s march, marched for LGBTQ rights, marched against the separation of families at the border, signed countless petition for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Why does none of it feel like enough?

Answer – Because the changes to our society are so small and slow going. We make some progress, and then we knock down three-fourths of that progress just to remind ourselves that us and we are not just people that think and live like we and us.

I’m not saying it’s hopeless – change, that is. I’m just saying that it is a long road, long fight, long conversation, a lifetime of arguing (please see definition of arguing below).

Until next time, my friends, may peace be with you.

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