kayaking on Christmas Trees

It looked like we were kayaking in tree tops. Our boats weren’t dragging, but two inches below the water’s surface were branches of what looked like pine trees.

I thought it was an illusion caused by the sunrise, reflections and shadows, but when I put my paddle into the water, it made contact with soft, Christmas tree branches. There were so many. It looked like you could throw your legs over the side of the boat and take a walk right on top of them.

No matter how far from the boat ramp we paddled, the water pines were there. At one point, I put my paddle into the water and sank it trying to find the lake floor, but I couldn’t reach it. The water was deeper than it appeared. So, we didn’t walk in the water. We paddled.

We ate sandwiches in our kayaks and watched a heron fish for her lunch. We paddled under bridges and over tiny, freshwater Christmas tree branches.

It’s amazing what can happen before lunch if you just go.

Published by

B.A. Burgess

Barbara Burgess is a writer which is made apparent by the text in this box and the box above. She is best known for being a multi-genre/multi-writing voice author who throws caution to the wind when describing her writing career - "Oh, I write children's books, holiday romance, and sci-fi. Why? What do you do? Just one thing?" In addition to being a writer of all the things, she is the founder of Pilgrim Fowl Press and a writing facilitator bringing permission to write to the masses via Skillshare and Udemy. The only social media she frequents is Instagram (@hellothisisbarbara). Her desert island movie is Stargate (the original with James Spader), and she has been taking daily mug shots of her morning coffee since before Instagram was even a thing.

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