Friendly reminder – Voting is important. Refusing to vote isn’t a political statement – though it is your right. Please consider voting. If you do not like either candidate, look to the VPs to guide your choice. If we do not vote, we are telling the government that voting doesn’t matter. If voting matter, then we are putting all of our lives in the hands of people that we did not help to elect, but that elected themselves.

Having a cold right now means getting tested for COVID-19. This is because the symptoms of COVID-19 are basically the same as a cold, flu or sinus infection.

Not being able to taste or smell anything is the symptom that everyone is told to look out for, but losing your sense of taste and smell can happen when you have a cold, flu or sinus infection too.

So, here I sit…on my couch…with a cold…waiting for a COVID-19 test which will tell me to continue to sit on my couch with my symptoms and rest.

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