I ran into a cold lake with my brother in what we are calling a Polar Charge. This is the first time we’ve ever done this, but we aim to charge into a body of water every 1st of the year going forward.

When winter begins, I start taking a longer than usual look at my Mega List.

Mega List

My Mega List has taken many different forms over the years. If you follow the hyperlink above, you can read through past iterations of the list.

The short explanation is this: it’s a list that I keep constantly of things I want to do (goals, challenges, things I want to learn, etc.), and through the year I edit and update this list as I either lose interest in a topic or complete an item on the list.

I prefer this to New Year’s resolutions, because, by no fault of New Year’s resolutions themselves, they seem immoveable and unwilling to adapt with me. I either nail it or fail with New Year’s resolutions.

I keep a longer list of things I want to try, achieve and experience all year long – the Mega List.

In an effort to achieve more and have a little more focus, I have made a Mini Mega List that I keep in my bullet journal.

On the top of my list Mini Mega is a goal that will take an entire year to achieve – Paint/Draw 52 Self-Portraits.

I’ve always been a decent artist. My mom is an excellent photographer. My dad could draw anything with any kind of pencil you handed to him. I think basic art skills were inherited, but I’ve never really studied it and, therefore, have never been great at it.

I’m going to spend the year learning about portraiture and practice on myself as I will not be offended if I make myself look like a toad by mistake.

I have two more items to place on my Mini Mega, but I am torn between a few options right now. So, for the time begin, this is it.

Let’s see what’s next.

One thought on “2021 – So It Begins

  1. I love your idea of the Mega List! I browsed through a few of your other posts on it and I love your attitude towards the process. Can’t wait to read about your 2021 and your journey to betterness!

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