Shot with FIMO Bubble 400.

I can honestly tell you that I have no idea what happened in March. I got my first round of COVID vaccine, I updated my machine (machine means computer), and I did not meet a single writing goal that I had. My time – Correction: Time – was less mine this month. I gave a lot of it away which isn’t a complaint. Just a fact.

To mitigate the loss of time in this fashion, I keep a bullet journal and a calendar. I make goals that are achieveable and have a clean path. Despite all of these tools and habits, I basically lost March.

Sometimes, that’s just how it goes. Sometimes, you give and spend more time than you mean to, and that’s okay. However, I do not want to lose another month to “busy”. I want to give another month to living my life doing things I love.

I filled the pages in my Mossery calendar marked Review and Plan with notes on what went wrong and how I can make next month – well, this month and every other month – better.

I ran a comb over March and picked out some little wins like publishing a new mini course on Skillshare and Learn, a writing friend’s first book being published, and my recommitment to my physical fitness.

I made a ridiculous game of my goals and habits – a legit game with a points system – to encourage me to check in at the end of the day to see how things are going.

I’m feeling good about April. I hope you are too.

And, now, some recommendations:


I read this book for the second time in March, and it was better than I remembered it. I highly recommend this to my fellow #fitwriters. (Forgiveness for the hashtag/pound sign. I promise to use it only when relevant.)


As a minimalist myself, I do find that consuming content such as documentaries on and around minimalism can be a bit boring. When you’ve found the minimalism that works for you, consuming content on the benefits isn’t exactly interesting anymore. This documentary was not one of those boring pieces on minimalism. It was a very human conversation about minimal and The Minimalists themselves.


I have no idea how I found this podcast, but I have no regrets. Each episode starts with one of the hosts surprising the other two with an accomplished mystery guest. Each episode makes me laugh. Replace one of your current events podcasts with this. Trust me. It’s better.


Shot with FIMO ERA 2021.

Get vaccinated if it is available and safe for you to do so.

Final note – This Read, Watch, Listen, Do thing was prompted by one of my favorite Newsletters letters which is the Weekly Page from She inspired me to share with you in this way. I hope you enjoyed it.

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