A Scene from My Window

Two geese are circling over the pond and my RV. All the geese below with the exception of the one with his head in the water and tail in the air are honking at the circling geese. The circling geese are honking back.

The circling geese are coming in for a tight landing. One of them lands easily on the grass while the lands inches from the edge of the pond. He appears to be embarrassed by this. He removes himself from the pond and honks with his fellow circling goose.

The land geese find this whole brazen display distasteful and unacceptable. They lower their heads, elongate their necks, and charge toward the previously circling geese.

The circling geese do the same.

There appears to be some confusion as two of the land geese have turned on their friend – one of the other land geese! What madness is this?! They are honking and nipping at his feet!

The circling geese, confused by this sudden betrayal, and take off leaving the land geese to their infighting.

This appears to have been the land geese’s plan all along as they have immediately resumed normal activities of napping, snacking, and quietly coexisting.

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