My partner works for a private school. I have attended a few events and watched some of their livestreams. By doing this, I have learned that money can buy you a better high school experience.

I attended a public school. I had wonderful teachers. Don’t get me wrong – a few teachers were definitely there to collect an easy paycheck by doing as little as possible. Most of my teachers were intelligent, engaged, and loved their job.

I did not have college or university guidance provided to me without request. Most of us went to high school the way people go to day jobs: clock in and clock out. I had no idea I needed to request this kind of assistance until it was literally too late.

The private school has what appears to be endless funding. Kids are being drafted for college sports, being given arts scholarships, and access to academic programming during and right out of high school. College prepared and acceptance rates are staggering.

They have pools, tennis courts, recording studios, and more at their fingertips. Healthy meals with vegetarian and vegan options. Multiple foreign language options are available. Ballet. I could keep going.

The handholding that happens at this school is incredible. Students should never feel lost when it comes to their college path. Especially since they meet with school staff often to plan their current schedules and work toward future goals.

I can’t help but feel a little jealous. I wish I had known the people in my high school where there to help me. That was their job. I should have requested more attention, asked more questions, and insisted someone build a plan with me to get where I wanted to go.

I’m not mad at private schools for having nice facilities, competent staffing, and a high ticket price.

My high school -a public high school- was clean, safe, and the staff were mostly nice and cared.

I just wish we could all stop lying to each other about it. You can buy a better education. When staff are paid enough money to have only one job, they are able to do that job better. When staff have better tools, they can do better, more efficient work.

Public schools have good people in them, but they aren’t given the financial security to focus wholey on their duties while they are there.

So, what’s the solution?

Money? Maybe. But let’s say that money isn’t on the table, because, frankly, it isn’t. What’s the solution?

Talking openly with the children in your life and the people in charge of helping them achieve their goals. Educating your children about working with guidance counselors and their teachers is especially important if you do not have the time and resources to do it yourself.

If you do have time and resources to educate your children on the process of applying for scholarships, filling out applications, etc., great. Teach them how to work with school staff anyway. You get busy sometimes, and those folks are paid to help.

If we can’t throw money at public school problems, let’s throw some knowledge and action on them, and watch the balance be created.

Social Media Experiment

I’ve done a few social media experiments in my life, but this last one has taught me to stop doing social media experiments.

Let me explain –

I thought I was spending too much time on Instagram. While I have no problem with scrolling through content that makes me laugh, think critically, or simply feel happy to have seen (every single fountain pen Instagram account that I follow), I do take issue with scrolling mindlessly over things that do not interest me. Things that only appeal to me because they were designed to leech onto my most base of instincts and curiosities.

I caught myself in a scroll of posts featuring the actors from Friends in their teen years. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I was in that feed for well over half an hour.

Half. An hour.

Do I like Friends? Sure. Do I like it enough to learn about the actors and writers? No. I do not seek Friends content. Yet, there I was wading through a river of their high school photos like that wasn’t creepy.

This event led me to the experiment: Only posting twice a month. Uploading a lot of content all at once and forgetting about it.

This idea is excellent on paper, but just like depriving yourself of your favorite food while dieting, the moment you cut yourself off, you think about it a lot more than you did before.

This is why deprivation dieting doesn’t work by the by. The moment you give in, you feel relief thereby building neural pathways in your mind that equate giving in to your craving or, in my case, Instagram with pleasure, relief, and relaxation.

But here’s the thing: I didn’t feel deprived this week. I didn’t think about Instagram at all really until a friend of mine said, “Hey, I really miss your daily mug picture.” I explained my experiment to you and told her that I am still taking pictures of my coffee. I’m only waiting to share them.

As I said that, I felt so stupid. The thing that I was hoping to avoid was endless scrolling which wasn’t a problem for me. I corrected it when I found myself doing it. I have already fixed the glitch.

So, why did I think I need to take a step back from the only social media platform I use? I let messages about social media influence my use of it.


You may have noticed that people on social media like to post about taking breaks from social media. People are constantly talking about how they spend too much time on social media. Where are they talking about it? On social media and traditional media!

I fell victim to social media in this way. I was convinced I had a problem when the fact is I got trapped in a rabbit hole and found my way out…ONCE!

So, what does this have to do with my social media experiment now and future experiments?

I’ve decided to not do anymore experiments and end this one. I am an adult. I’ll just post when I want and scroll through pictures of fountain pens when I want.

The Warring Factions of Geese

A Scene from My Window

Two geese are circling over the pond and my RV. All the geese below with the exception of the one with his head in the water and tail in the air are honking at the circling geese. The circling geese are honking back.

The circling geese are coming in for a tight landing. One of them lands easily on the grass while the lands inches from the edge of the pond. He appears to be embarrassed by this. He removes himself from the pond and honks with his fellow circling goose.

The land geese find this whole brazen display distasteful and unacceptable. They lower their heads, elongate their necks, and charge toward the previously circling geese.

The circling geese do the same.

There appears to be some confusion as two of the land geese have turned on their friend – one of the other land geese! What madness is this?! They are honking and nipping at his feet!

The circling geese, confused by this sudden betrayal, and take off leaving the land geese to their infighting.

This appears to have been the land geese’s plan all along as they have immediately resumed normal activities of napping, snacking, and quietly coexisting.


It’s time.

April Fitness Goals

Workout everyday for a minimum of 10 minutes, but with the intention of doing 30 minutes of exercise.


Sunday – 30 Minutes of Jogging

Monday – OX

Tuesday – 30 Minutes of Jogging

Wednesday – Glutes Sculpt

Thursday – 1 Hour of Yoga

Friday – 5K

Saturday – Moxie


Skipping one day is okay. Skipping two days in a row will bring shame upon me and my family, or will at least feel like a big ole loss.


If you are a writing staying fit or getting fit, there’s a small but growing community of us on Instagram. Use #fitwriter to see what your fellow writers are doing to stay fit and share encouragement.

I check this hashtag twice a month to see what’s going on.

REVIEW 3/2021

Shot with FIMO Bubble 400.

I can honestly tell you that I have no idea what happened in March. I got my first round of COVID vaccine, I updated my machine (machine means computer), and I did not meet a single writing goal that I had. My time – Correction: Time – was less mine this month. I gave a lot of it away which isn’t a complaint. Just a fact.

To mitigate the loss of time in this fashion, I keep a bullet journal and a calendar. I make goals that are achieveable and have a clean path. Despite all of these tools and habits, I basically lost March.

Sometimes, that’s just how it goes. Sometimes, you give and spend more time than you mean to, and that’s okay. However, I do not want to lose another month to “busy”. I want to give another month to living my life doing things I love.

I filled the pages in my Mossery calendar marked Review and Plan with notes on what went wrong and how I can make next month – well, this month and every other month – better.

I ran a comb over March and picked out some little wins like publishing a new mini course on Skillshare and Learn, a writing friend’s first book being published, and my recommitment to my physical fitness.

I made a ridiculous game of my goals and habits – a legit game with a points system – to encourage me to check in at the end of the day to see how things are going.

I’m feeling good about April. I hope you are too.

And, now, some recommendations:


I read this book for the second time in March, and it was better than I remembered it. I highly recommend this to my fellow #fitwriters. (Forgiveness for the hashtag/pound sign. I promise to use it only when relevant.)


As a minimalist myself, I do find that consuming content such as documentaries on and around minimalism can be a bit boring. When you’ve found the minimalism that works for you, consuming content on the benefits isn’t exactly interesting anymore. This documentary was not one of those boring pieces on minimalism. It was a very human conversation about minimal and The Minimalists themselves.


I have no idea how I found this podcast, but I have no regrets. Each episode starts with one of the hosts surprising the other two with an accomplished mystery guest. Each episode makes me laugh. Replace one of your current events podcasts with this. Trust me. It’s better.


Shot with FIMO ERA 2021.

Get vaccinated if it is available and safe for you to do so.

Final note – This Read, Watch, Listen, Do thing was prompted by one of my favorite Newsletters letters which is the Weekly Page from She inspired me to share with you in this way. I hope you enjoyed it.

Review 02/2021

I started 2021 in a new and invigorating way.  I ran into an ice-cold lake with my brother.  You can see a picture of me running into the water while my brother looks on like, “This isn’t cold at all,” by clicking here

 Despite current events, I am still positive about things going forward.  My positivity is the product of planning, list-making, and journaling.  Consuming chaos only puts the chaos in your mind. 

  Doing what you can to fix small problems that lead to greater chaos really helps to ease your mind and heart.  I encourage you all to find small ways to make your bubble better.  And, yes, something as simple as baking cookies for your friends and neighbors contributes to the solution.  

My Favorite Read of February 2021

On the first, I read an amazing comic called The Picture of Everything Else.  I cannot recommend this comic enough.  The artwork is gorgeous, and the story is captivating.  

My Favorite Watch of 2021

Have you seen Forged in Fire? On Netflix?  I’m told this is an older show, but I’m just discovering it, and oh my goodness!  I’m ready to learn to make knives, people! 

Give it a shot.  See if you have the itch to learn a new craft after watching it.  Knifemaking, perhaps? 🤔

My Favorite Listen of February 2021

I listed to the Rich Roll Podcast a lot this month and wasn’t disappointed.

My Favorite Activity of February 2021

We were snowed in pretty well for a week, so I hiked in the the wood for hours in the snow.


The Best Laid Plans…Am I Right?

as seen on only a few moments ago…

I had excellent plans. Plans that neatly placed all of business in one box and under one umbrella. Plans that I assumed would make it easier for me to do my social media work and newsletter writing.

Spoiler – I was wrong. I was wrong not once, but twice!

I started an educational writing platform under my small press just to find out that the people that were visiting the site and buying the books were only interested in, well, books!

Then, I moved my learning platform to my personal log just to discover that I do not want to brand the heck out of my personal log or personal instagram. I do not want to niche that mess into the ground. My personal accounts are a place for me to blog and post because I enjoy it. I don’t want to think about organizing my thoughts or matching my photos to blog posts all the time. It isn’t for that.

So, my dear writers, NotNowImWriting is B A C K!