The Edits Are Complete

It is finished. The final edits have been done. My novella will be out on November 5th.

You might have questions:

Novella? What novella?

I’ve written a 20,000 word novella. Actually, it is more of a novelette.

nov·el·ette – /ˌnävəˈlet/


a short novel, typically one that is light and romantic or sentimental in character.

What’s it about?

It’s a lesbian, sweet, holiday romance. You can read about it by clicking here or visiting

So, it’s erotica? A sex book?

No. Emphatically, no.

While there is bad language in the book, that is the only reason it would get a PG-13 or R rating if it were a movie – Potty words.

Sex is suggested and implied, but never spoken about or described. I leave that people who want to write erotica. I just wanted to write a cute, heartwarming story, so I did…under a pen name.

Why under a pen name? You embarrassed to be writing that kind of thing?

Not at all. It’s a business strategy.

It is kind of like how we see Nora Roberts on a book and think, “Okay. That’s a romance book.” Then, we see J.D. Robb, and think, “Okay, that’s a thriller.” Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb are the same person, but readers know what kind of story they are going to get from the author by which author voice she uses.

I am hoping to cultivate a collection of holiday, sweet romance novelettes, novellas, and novels that tell stories about all kinds of relationships, couples, and groups.

What is the pen name…author voice?

Lily Dae.

If you’re interested, please visit Pilgrim Fowl Press, and RSVP to the launch! This signs you up for a newsletter for this author voice. In the next day or two, I’m going to start sharing snippets from the book, do a cover reveal, and I am even going to give digital ARCS away!

New Free Course

I have made another free course which I am going to be distributing on Skillshare as soon as the video finish rendering.

This is a brief writing course on writing family/friends newsletters.

I find that we all mostly know how to write a regular letter to someone, but we never do it because there are too many little steps or too much to put into an email or letter.

What I’ve done with this course is provided a simple, six-step plan that gets you from the desire to write a family newsletter to actually sending the thing!

The course is around 10 minutes long. I recommend watching it start to finish once, and then watching it again to actually complete the steps.

As ever, I hope this class is helpful to you!

Write On.