Q: Do you write a story on a computer or on paper first?

A few years back, I took a writing class with a journalist in Nashville named Gloria Ballard.  Most of the students, including me, brought notebooks and pens.  I believe only two students brought a laptop on which to compose. 

I remember her being genuinely shocked by this.  While she said she was encouraged by us all to start writing with pen and paper again, I was beside myself with envy.  I knew I could get a lot more writing done if I could exercise some self-control and write directly to the screen.

After that class, I started building up my “compose on computer” muscles.  At first, I had to turn off the WIFI and uninstall my video games (I’m a child).  Now, I do discovery writing on paper and write for publication on the computer.

If you are curious about discovery writing and just writing in general, please visit notnowimwriting.com where I talk all about the craft and business of writing. 

Q: I subscribed to your newsletter, but I’m not getting notified when a new post is up. Why is that?

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Q: I just took your course. Will you read my manuscript?

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com

First of all friend, thank you for choosing my course out of all of the others on the internet. I know the stiff competition I am up against, and I’m flattered and forever grateful.

That being said, I can no longer keep up with the numerous requests from students to read their work as I am writing on strict deadlines.

In my courses, I recommend using your “phone a friend” to have another set of eyes on your work. I firmly stand by that.

I understand we are all accustomed to taking classes and having a teacher critique and grade us. My classes are not about the grade. They are about getting your stories written.

I do wish I were able to read and critique all the stories that come from my classes, but if I am going to continue to be a writer I must write, write, and write some more.

I suggest you do that as well. Write, write, and write some more. Take the classes as many times as you like.

Thank you for understanding, and please feel free to share your success with me via the course platform of your choice or on Instagram.

I do not have to read your work to be proud of you. I’m proud of you for finishing. Writing a story to completion, finishing the thing. That makes you a writer, and it makes you successful. Everything else is bonus.

Q: On Instagram, you talk about your “day job”. Isn’t writing your full-time job?

Not yet, brother. Not. Yet.

Photo by Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka on Unsplash

I actually have a real person day job at the moment. In fact, I normally have a real person day job, a part-time job, and several side hustles.

Why? Because I hate being bored, and I’m fascinated by business in general. I know that’s not a sexy answer, but I really like knowing what businesses work, how they work, and how much money one can make with service and product based business.

As previously mentioned, I have several side hustles going at all times.

Side hustle – a side job; not a con

Me. You may proceed

I have an actual business (Pilgrim Fowl Press), teaching side job (Skillshare and Udemy), and I have a few more that I’m not ready to mention as they are in the pasta phase aka the testing phase.

So, that’s the long answer. No, writing is my full-time job. It might never be, because I like to play around with businesses, projects, and side hustles. The goal, however, is to make writing and my publishing company the main source of my income.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?

If you are a tinkerer as well, like to experiment with business, or have given your friends and family project fatigue with all of the ideas you have, you would be perfect for this group I’m forming of like minded side hustlers and experimenters. Considering joining this new and not yet consistent newsletter for the MORETHANONEIDEA Club – http://eepurl.com/gYSCd9

Q: If you aren’t bribing me to join your newsletter, why would I sign up?


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Q: What’s with all the dinosaur bones?

Oh, you mean these bones –

Field Museum

The better question is why don’t you have dinosaur bones all over your website, sir or madam or person.

Look, I’m a simple lady. I like dinosaurs. I like museums. Going to the Field Museum was on my travel wishlist. So, I went. I loved it. It was amazing.

I’m still there now. Living in a closet. Writing this blog.

Okay, I’m not, but it would be kind of great if I were, right?