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How to Write a Children’s Book Book Excerpt

Mining Continued In the last excerpt from the How to Write a Children’s Book book, I walked you through the first part of the mining process. In this section, we move on to the second part of mining which is one of the most important parts of the writing process: choosing. Here’s another excerpt for you:  To continue the mining process, we are going … Read More How to Write a Children’s Book Book Excerpt

Children’s Book Map

After publishing four children’s books and writing 15 or so other children’s stories that have yet to published, I have finally found a good system that works for me. This is not a technical guide to publishing or story writing. This is a way to take the guess work out of mapping out your children’s picture book. Since the only place I like fluff … Read More Children’s Book Map

I have never felt so cool.

This is a member’s only magazine in which I am F E A T U R E D! Can you believe this? So stinking cool! My friends, Hether and Kayla, have this wonderful membership site that is all about self-care. They have a 3-month trial package offered at discount, so you can take a look around and see if their place is a good … Read More I have never felt so cool.

Local Artists for Hire

Here is a short list of Nashville artists that are available for freelance and contract work. “But, Barbara,” you might be thinking, “why are you sharing this list on your personal blog? Is this affiliate scheme?” No, dear reader. I just happen to find myself abundant in connections lately, and I wanted to share. So, here’s the list: – graphic design and illustration … Read More Local Artists for Hire