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A Brief Note On Protesting

I just sent a text to my mom letting her know that Instagram wasn’t broken. We are all digitally protesting with the Black Lives Matter movement. I thought it was a funny text to send, but, until around 8a, I had no idea there was a digital protest scheduled for today. When not under lockdown, I enjoy a peaceful protest. I like groups of … Read More A Brief Note On Protesting


Sleepy Spring Days

It’s starting to feel more summer than spring. Midday naps are looking more inviting, and it is getting harder to get out of bed in the morning. In fact, this morning, I slept in. It felt like the beginning of summer break. I feel unfocused. The sun is beating down on everything. Getting into the pool even seems like it would take too much … Read More Sleepy Spring Days



In 1996, I got my first computer. It was a Gateway. You know, the ones with the cow box. Do they still make those? ::opens new tab:: Yes. They do. It was then that I created my first of many screen names, chatted in chatroom for the first time, and started my very first blog. At first, it was in the form of some … Read More 1996

Backblaze Just Saved My Book

An hour ago, I thought I had lost 30,000 words. When you make up stories for living, you need to constantly back up your work. Sometimes, you get stupid and label two files the exact same name (that was me). Also, sometimes, you accidentally replace the actual working draft with some blank file of the same name like a damn noob (also, me). Luckily, … Read More Backblaze Just Saved My Book


You Can’t Out Think The Work

No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape the work. I’ve read hundreds of books on the craft of writing, I’ve taken around 20 writing classes. I’ve made an investment in time and money to learn how to do the thing I love better and faster. I continue to take classes, read books, read blogs, subscribe to newsletters, and believe every writing guru … Read More You Can’t Out Think The Work

Courses $11.99 on Udemy

My writing courses on Udemy are discounted as part of their Memorial Day Sale.


Today, We Hike.

I love the internet. I love computers. I love sitting inside my climate controlled home with my coffee within arms reach and a fan gently blowing on me. But, sometimes, I get restless, because while I am a house cat, I am also an outdoorsy person. I like to hike, kayak and bike. I like to do these things early in the morning before … Read More Today, We Hike.


My Dog Has Terrible Taste

I am beginning to think my dog has terrible taste. She’d rather eat something of a yellow-ish grey color that has been sitting in the yard for who knows how long than eat her breakfast which was kept in a protective casing until lovely scooped into her stainless steel bowl. I looked at that yellow-ish grey stuff. I’m pretty sure it was cat poop. … Read More My Dog Has Terrible Taste

This Is How I Lose 50% of My Followers

That’s exactly what I said as I shared a post on Instagram on Sunday. One of my favorite Instagram accounts is Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Their mission statement on their website says the following: We rescue farmed animals and give them care and sanctuary, connect animals with people to advance veganism, and advocate for animal rights in alliance with other social justice movements They posted … Read More This Is How I Lose 50% of My Followers


Over 1700 Writers Writing Together

Woo hoo! 🎉🥳 There are now over 1700 writers writing together on Skillshare! AND we have 24 new writers writing together on Udemy this month! Holy moly! If you are looking to take a class, click here or click on Courses in the menu above! There are two free courses available on Skillshare, so get them freebies, people! Get on it!

Q: I just took one of your classes, and I’d like to read more of your writing-related posts. Where can I find that?

In the upper right corner of this site, you should see the words ON WRITING. Click those to be magically transported to Not Now. I’m Writing. which my other blog that is dedicated to the craft and business of writing.

Interview with Jim Butcher

I highly recommend you stop whatever you’re doing and give an hour of your life to this.