Chills Collections

Pilgrim Fowl Press is releasing the first-ever volume of holiday-themed short stories tomorrow. This collection highlights Halloween with a trio of tales that will spook you to your core.

Annette Williams McCann stepped away from the children’s story genre to give you a tale of dating gone wrong, in XX, Leona. Inspired by the Celtic sluagh (pronounced SLOO-AH) and online dating, this story might have you thinking twice before going on that blind date. The sluagh are evil spirits who collect souls. They often travel by shadows or flocks of ravens. In my story, they team up with another Celtic evil doer, the leannan sidhe, Leona. Leona is an evil muse who preys on creative types. She can magically provide inspiration, but at what cost?

B.A. Burgess shows us that you should always be careful what you wish for in Robocall. We all hate those automated annoyances. But what if you got one that let you make your wildest dreams come true?

Tony Gruenwald’s story follows the characters from his book that released with Pilgrim Fowl Press earlier this year. Tony and the kids have to face off against child-craving hags with magical powers in The Sister Sigil. As with most evil witchy types, they don’t know what they’re in for, especially when you mess with an aspiring sidewalk chalk artist.

(description copy written by Annette Williams McCann)

Don’t Wanna Vote

The presidential candidates and their vice presidential candidates share political ideals.

If you are unsatisfied with the presidential candidates because they are too old, too white, too rich, too whatever, then use the VPs as a compass.

Listen to their comments on the state of our current affairs. Listen closely to their answers when they are asked questions about issues that are important to you and your neighbors.

Not voting simply means your voice won’t be heard and you will not be counted. Find a compass and vote.

Withholding your vote will not change our current options

You certainly have the right to not vote, but withholding YOUR vote doesn’t change OUR candidates. It just tells them and your local delegates that you can’t be bothered to vote.

Your vote is always your own, but maybe it is also for those who can’t yet vote like your neighbors or family members.

Maybe, your vote can be bigger than you this time.

I know that my vote felt bigger than me these last few elections, and it feels that way this time too.

You are in charge of you, so do what you think is right for you. Just as I have considered not voting in the past, I hope you consider voting.

Bingo Love

If you want to cry for reasons other than the news, READ THIS COMIC!

Unrelated – There is one thing you should know about me when it comes to comics: Image and Boom! reign supreme on my Comixology app and in my heart.

Tony sent over a small collect of comics to me via the Comixology app while I waited for my COVID-19 tests (I took two) to come back (negative and negative – I’m a witch).

The collection included Bingo Love – Image publishing, Joe the Barbarian – Vertigo publishing, and We Only Find Them When They’re Dead – Boom! publishing.

The books were in alphabetical order when downloaded, so I started with Bingo Love without reading anything about it. I had no idea what I was reading, but by the cover it looked like a lighthearted love story with a sweet color palette.

Minutes later, I’m crying into my pillow and unable to move on with my life! I woke up this morning, and immediately berated Tony via text for being a terrible (by “terrible” I mean “absolutely wonderful”) friend and comic book nerd.


How often to do you read anything, comic or novel, two senior women’s love story with one another? You don’t! READ THIS. READ THIS RIGHT NOW.

Seriously, though – The story is wonderfully moving. The characters are so real you almost know them somehow. The writing is on point, and the artwork is lovely.

Be ready to cry, but in a good way… Not in an oh-my-god-why-am-i-watching-cnn-again kind of way, but in a my-heart-is-full-of-all-the-feels-i-need-a-cupcake-and-a-nap kind of way.

Some Things

Friendly reminder – Voting is important. Refusing to vote isn’t a political statement – though it is your right. Please consider voting. If you do not like either candidate, look to the VPs to guide your choice. If we do not vote, we are telling the government that voting doesn’t matter. If voting doesn’t matter, then we are putting all of our lives in the hands of people that we did not help to elect, but that elected themselves.

Things I’ve Done

Since River passed away, I’ve taken to walking myself and riding my bicycle a lot more. Whenever I get the tug to walk River, I get up and walk Barbara.

Things I’ve Read

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert ( warning – this is a sex book. I had no idea. I bought the book based on the cover which is very cute and put me in mind of Rainbow Rowell. That being said – the writing is great, and the story is wonderful. You can skip over the sex without missing the story. So, treat like a VHS and fast forward through the stuff you don’t like. Or, don’t and tell everyone you did.)

Things I’ve Watched

The Social Dilemma – Netflix

Boston Legal – Shiny circles (DVDs)

Things I’ve Listened To

Fictional – Podcast

The Daily Stoic – Podcast

I didn’t include warnings about sexual innuendo for Boston Legal, because that show is Disney level compared to some of the commercials that are currently being played on regular television.